we producenew, original 

car air 


This is the perfect product For passing through sales 

In car dealerships, car washes, shopping centers 

Why freshener-balls 

Easy to sell? 


They themselves attract attention! 

AVAILABLE PRICE (from 25 cents / pcs.) 

Constant demand! 


Can be sold through vending machines chewing gum! 

the ball consists of two hemispheres with a diameter of 35 mm: a colored (back) half, in which the material is placed with impregnation-aroma and transparent cover. on the colored half there is an adhesive element for fastening

flavoring with the help of glue element is attached in any convenient place: sun visor, ventilation fan, computer screen...

remove the lid-the fragrance is released for up to 2 weeks. arrival fragrance can be stopped by closing the lid

flavor you can easily maintain yourself, re-fill any of your desired perfume...

5 colors and 5 flavors: cafe, bubble gum, tropical, muscatelle, mytho

We can put a smiley face on the balls: ) or to order Your advertising logo

We offer

air freshener by the gross

Air freshener balls 

Trial partiya: : 40pcs. - $20

50 cents / pcs

Small wholesale: 400pcs. - $100

25 pcents / pcs.

Large wholesale: 2`500pcs. - $500

20 рcents / pcs.


for business

A large amount of market

Air freshener is a well-known and constantly in demand product. Imagine: how many cars around you and most of their owners want to have a pleasant fragrance in their cabin! They have ALREADY bought the flavors...

you can earn in this market!

High income

Buy from us wholesale for 25 cents - retail car shops or car washes $1. The colored balls by themselves, attract the attention of buyers and low price allows you to sell our autoanalizador literally "on delivery" for almost every visitor...

300% profits and more!

Quick start

Order today - and in just a couple of days the courier company will deliver you flavorings and you will start selling...

Start right now!


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